Walking in Mama's Footsteps

Who would have thought something I started over twenty years ago would come full circle. When my girls were very young (2 and 4) I decided to open a gift shop that was full of handmade items that I had created as well items taken in on consignment. My girls would be so excited to see new items come in, used display areas as their playground and entertain customers as they shopped. My girls grew up knowing that they could do anything they wanted to if they desired it enough. We ran our shop for 10 years until the charming old house it was located in sold and I took it as a sign it was time to move on. Little did I know that they were learning so much from those cherished moments.

Fast forward to now...

This adventure we decided to take together now allows us to combined our collective creativity with other facets that interest us--meditation, chakras, crystals, nature, etc. As we expand our line these influences will be evident.

We hope you enjoy what we create as much as we enjoy creating it.

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